Mixtape Friday

With Taylor Swift coming into town, and the Stampede in Calgary (hopefully!!) coming up in the next little bit, I thought it would be fitting to have a little country dance party in my room. I’ve been playing these songs on repeat while I drive, while I eat, while I study, while I shower…you get the idea.

picture via deviantart


Weekend Warriors: Of flower gardens and cameras

Brittany and I were going to head out to Canmore but yeah…that plan flopped real fast (flash floods, no bueno). So we decided to make our own fun in the city by running around and exploring.

Devonian Botanic Gardens + Cactus Club + Goodwill finds + Getting silly on day drinks

(the closest thing to a nice photo of me)

(promise we weren’t peeling off the bark! We were just touching it!! Scouts honour)

Between our lunch at Cactus Club and the Botanic Gardens, Brittany and I popped over to Goodwill like cool kids do, and found the best thing: a Polaroid Land Camera!! It’s the 101 model that was manufactured from 1964-1967 and it probably is one of the neatest things I have ever seen. I’m pretty sure that our jaws simultaneously dropped when we opened up the case. And I may or may not have felt extremely light headed once we realized it also had bellows that pulled out. BELLOWS GUYS, BELLOWS!

So yeah, this camera = the best thing ever, and hopefully we can get this beauty up and running in the next little while to take some pretty shots this summer!

Gin & Tonic

Hendrick’s Gin. Where do I begin to profess my love for thee? You’re so good in a martini, you’re so good over ice. But I think I love you best in a Gin and Tonic, you taste so nice. Boom. I just wrote a poem about gin. Yeah, you can call me a lyrical genius (hi, Yeezy).

I truly do love G&T’s though. On a summer day so hot you feel like you’re going to melt into the pavement, it’s probably the best tasting thing ever. It’s also pretty great accompaniment to knitting and records on a night in. I also order these when I go out and without fail I receive funny looks from the people around me. That’s usually my cue to make it a double.

Gin & Tonic

Cucumber slices
Mint leaves
2 oz Gin (I love Hendrick’s, but the Botanist is also a good gin if you’re into more flowery notes)
6 oz Tonic water
Lime Wedges

Muddle mint leaves and cucumber slices in a glass. Fill glass up with ice and add gin and tonic water. Squeeze in some lime juice, and either throw it into the glass like I do, or grab another wedge and use it as garnish. Stir and enjoy.

ps, if you have Angostura bitters, add a dash or two into your drink. I find it gives the drink a beaaaautiful citrus note.


When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. When life gives you potatoes, you make a potato gun. It’s a fact.

The boys decided to make a potato gun last weekend and we finally got around to testing it out earlier this week. This beauty is lovingly named Meat. Why? That’s a good question you can take up with my younger brother. But Meat shoots potatoes like a dream 35% of the time and is usually on fire for the other 65 (just kidding! she only lit on fire once!). Unfortunately, when I had a go with her, she shot the potato straight down to the ground with the saddest of noises. We made sure for the next round to add triple the amount of hairspray (triple the fun AMIRITE?), and Loic let er rip.

The conversation leading up to and after he shot the gun was hilarious.

L: “How bad is the kickback?”

B: “There is no kickback.”

fires potato gun, drops it on the ground, stands in shock for ten seconds


Yeah so when Loic dropped Meat, he broke her. RIP Meat, you were the best potato gun for all of five shots.

Mixtape Friday

So this weekend I was supposed to head down the Banff and it was going to be great, I had tickets to see Serena Ryder, Said the Whale and Coeur de Pirate play at Performance in the Park. But then it flooded. Starting Wednesday night, floods have been happening around the Mountain/Southern Alberta Region (Now up as far as Red Deer!). It’s sad that I don’t get to see my show, but it’s forty billion times more devastating for those who have had to be evacuated from their homes and/or have lost them to the flood. My heart goes out for everyone affected and I hope bright sunny days will be on the horizon for all of us in the near future.

High River, Alberta

Trans-Canada Hwy through Canmore