Weekenders: Tea

I haven’t made one of those posts in a long time. (Since I haven’t does that mean I’m boring now?) Also this post is a little late since its already Thursday and the weekend is fast approaching again!
Kriss and I drove to the Lake Louise Fairmont for a bit of tea over the weekend and that was pretty great.
We hit the highway and it was super sunny and bone dry which is always A+, and as we got closer to the mountains, we got more and more excited…but how can you not be when this is your view?
One of my favourite things about driving to the mountains is that they seem to sneak up on you. One minute you see them in the distance and then BAM you’re there.
The roads were quite busy (long weekend, duh) but pulling up and seeing the gorgeousness of the chateau made it worth the wait.

Afternoon tea was a set menu but there was an assortment of teas to choose from and they roll it out on a giant cart for you to make your pick! (Kriss chose the maple maple and I went with the darjeeling).
The food was divvied up into three courses: the first, a flight of strawberries which was a nice start (even though our server managed to drop the shot of strawberry all over our table turning it into what looked like the great strawberry massacre of ’15).
Following that came an assortment of sandwiches that ranged from delicious and flavour packed to slightly stale and disappointing. Regardless, it did make for pretty presentation.
Regardless of sandwich quality, I couldn’t really complain because this was my view as we nibbled on our snacks: Our third and final course was an assortment of pastries and even though they were all tiny, they all packed a pretty big punch. Also did you know that if you eat a lot of miniature things you’ll still get uncomfortably full? It’s a fact.

Cheers! …with profiteroles, yes I’m that lame.
After being completely overwhelmed by the amount of food we ate, we took a quick walk on the lake and decided to head back into the city. The visit was super short but it was a nice change of pace from what I’ve been doing lately!


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