little luxuries



The state of great comfort and extravagant living.

After staying in a shoebox sized hostel with 14 other strangers, it is so nice to be able to sit on the floor surrounded by your dirty laundry while you do your makeup. It’s funny how perspective changes things.


10 things I’ve learned about London so far

Things I’ve learned about London so far:

  1. Jaywalking is a thing. I think it’s actually encouraged. Why wait at the crosswalk in rush hour traffic? It’s like real life frogger
  2. Londoners will sit on any green space. If there’s a plot of land with a bit of grass, expect it to be occupied by at least twenty people
  3. Londoners like to drink: as in go out straight after work and stay out until the wee hours (especially on Thursdays?)
  4. Everyone dresses to impress, sweatpants aren’t a thing here.
  5. Pigeons are fearless. They’re everywhere and no one ever flinches! Dirty birds!
  6. Indian food is England’s National cuisine. (Or at least in A’s mind it is…)
  7. Diversity. So many beautiful people, so many walks of life.
  8. The Underground is your best friend, and so is your Oyster Card.
  9. Londoners like a good queue, which is hilarious because that’s one of the things I try to avoid
  10. Portapottys are called portaloos.

So far this trip has consisted of: bouts of homesickness + lazy afternoons in the park + walks along Southbank + Tea (so much tea) + museums as far as the eye can see + monuments + baby graffiti tours + riding the underground + riding the underground + riding the underground…

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203/365: Let’s Go On An Adventure

Do you know what is absolutely terrifying? The thought of the unknown. The thought that this is your first trip without someone holding your hand. The thought that it’s up to you to call all the shots. The thought that you’re leaving the country for a vacation, not a competition. The thought that your bag weighs only 15 lbs, and how are you going to last for a month with just that? It’s terrifying, it’s exhilarating, and it’s actually happening. I’m leaving the country in less than seven hours, and I’m pretty sure this will be one of the most exciting moments of my life. I keep trying to talk myself out of going, but YOLO right? (Please pretend I didn’t just use that acronym). I’m going to hold my breath and jump in with both feet.

Ready, set, go.