I was in Calgary all weekend and now I’m exhausted.
photos this weekend: babies + terrariums.
no words, just a quick update.

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farmers’ market flowers and produce + some lovely human beings over for pre-Easter dinner at my haus.
(but we just had breakfast foods for dinner because why not?)
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The first time I picked up a camera…

I was heading to Portugal. It was the second time I had ever been overseas for a gymnastics competition, talk about exciting. That trip, along with a trip to Argentina the year before sparked a series of competitions that took me all around the world during my last two years of high school. In retrospect, I probably would have hashtagged my high school career as #humblebrag (yes I just did that). One week in physics class, the next in Portugal. One week in biology, the next in Japan. You get the idea. Continue reading

a wee little mixtape

I’m cramming right now. Finals start tomorrow and I’ve been knitting tiny little moccasins instead. If they weren’t so cute, I’d probably feel really guilty. But I don’t.

Here are some quasi-slow jams and really upbeat songs that’ve carried me through the week.


little moments

My mom along with many other members of the Thai community here in Edmonton put together a hall party to celebrate Songkran (Thai New Year). I took so many photos of reps and dignitaries last night but these little snippets I’m posting are my favourites.
A super gorgeous fruit carving + little miss Liz in her Chinese dress + dancing through the tables + boys all grown up

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