11/52 Weeks

The weather and I have something in common: we’re both cold and bitter. I’ve felt nauseous and have had headaches all week. I can’t even look at books or my computer for more than five minutes without feeling sick and I may or may not have been taking it out on everyone around me. It’s pretty terrible and I feel like there is some higher power currently laughing at me because my exams start tomorrow. Ebbs and flows I keep telling myself, ebbs and flows.


Mixtape Friday

With school winding down for the semester and exams starting up, I find myself at school much later now. Unfortunately that means the tables and library that I frequent are busier too. Busy with study groups and a 85% noise increase. Earplugs and music have become a necessity, here’s 11 songs that’ve carried me through this week.

Happy Friday!

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Weekend Warriors: Swants Party

I’m sure everyone has a moment in their life when they realize they have the coolest friends in the world. On Friday night when Ashley and I were at the Backside Film Fest, she asked me if I knew what swants were. I obviously said yes and when she asked me if I wanted to make some with her, that moment will forever be burned into my memory like this:
For all of you that aren’t up to speed, the lovely people of the internet have come up with the next best clothing item since jorts. Swants is the combination of the word sweater and pants. Yes, we made sweater pants. Not only are you ridiculously comfy (or comfy and ridiculous looking, your choice) in your fancy swants, you’re upcycling old sweaters and doing all those nice things that give you good karma. I might be making this up.

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Favourite Things

Since I don’t have enough random segments floating around on me blog, I thought I’d add some more! This post is kind of a tangent of the little moments I sometimes write about and today the focus is on my favourite teas. I have many favourite things to be honest and my list includes but is not limited to:

  1. Naps
  2. Procrastinating
  3. Knitting
  4. Combining procrastinating and knitting together: procrastiknitting
  5. Tea
  6. Trampolines
  7. My xbox 360
  8. My kitchenaid mixer
  9. All Dressed Ruffles Chips

7/9 things on that list aren’t that interesting to talk about, so we’ll stick to tea today. The first time I truly appreciated tea was when I was like fourteen and was told I couldn’t drink coffee. I stumbled upon a box of English Breakfast from Harrod’s and it was love at first taste. I now have this problem where I spend tidy little sums on tea leaves and I don’t think I’ll be stopping anytime soon. English Breakfast: I’m that person who always steeps their tea for 15 minutes too long because the internet took up all their time and they forgot they even made a cup. I’m really good at skipping breakfast in order to get an extra 15 minutes of sleep and thus English Breakfast + one milk + one sugar carries me through most mornings. Organic Pure Vanilla: Once upon a time, a friend of my mother brought over these sachets of the most delicious vanilla rooibos I’ve ever had. That stuff tasted like magic and rainbows. Like all good things though, we ran out of it and I’ve been searching for a replacement ever since. The Pure Vanilla from David’s Tea comes in a super close second and it’s sweet enough to drink it sans sugar. It’s also caffeine free which makes it wonderful for snuggling into bed with a rooibos tea latte. Darjeeling: This is for those days I want a little caffeine and something not as strong as English Brekkie. One milk + one sugar, please. Bottoms up. Alpine Punch: I discovered this blend from David’s Tea last year when a friend made me a tea latte. It smells like coconut and dunkaroos and I am 100% okay with that. It’s a bit on the sweet side, but I find adding a little bit of whiskey goes a loonnnnnnng way…Glitter + Gold: Because what girl doesn’t like non-toxic edible glitter in her tea? I find it to taste particularly good while snuggled under lots of blankets listening to Home by Phillips Phillips. Try it some time.

And there’s my quick little top five round up, wanna share what your favourites are? I’m always open to expanding my horizons, happy sippin’ homies!

Into the Mind

Showcasing this years best and brightest ski movies, a short film by Nike titled Never Not and Sherpas Cinema Into the Mind kicked off the first of three nights of the Backside Film Fest in Edmonton. I don’t think I’ve ever had to dig so deep to understand a ski movie before. It’s metaphor after metaphor combined with some of the most mind blowing cinematography I’ve ever seen. It’s a doozy that one. While I still try and process what message I was supposed to take away from that movie last night (hint: circle of life and what lures us back to the mountains), you should check out the trailer down below and listen to what I believe was the most hype song on the score.

photo via tuxboard