Weekenders: Tea

I haven’t made one of those posts in a long time. (Since I haven’t does that mean I’m boring now?) Also this post is a little late since its already Thursday and the weekend is fast approaching again!
Kriss and I drove to the Lake Louise Fairmont for a bit of tea over the weekend and that was pretty great.
We hit the highway and it was super sunny and bone dry which is always A+, and as we got closer to the mountains, we got more and more excited…but how can you not be when this is your view?
One of my favourite things about driving to the mountains is that they seem to sneak up on you. One minute you see them in the distance and then BAM you’re there.
The roads were quite busy (long weekend, duh) but pulling up and seeing the gorgeousness of the chateau made it worth the wait.
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whirlwind weekends 2.0

I finished my finals for the summer last Thursday just in time to countdown the days to fall semester beginning (two weeks). I left town pretty quick for an extended long weekend which still didn’t feel long enough.

There’s a billion (no, really) photos to plow through but here’s a few snippets of 6 AM walks through the fog, late night fires with the littles, garden hauls, and photos of Cruz and her beautiful mum.

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Weekenders: transience

I’m sitting shot gun and staring at the home brew in the cup holder. “What are the chances we’d get pulled over and the officer catches me drinking something that looks like iced tea?”  I ask myself dumbly (I didn’t drink it). For as long as I’ve known, the pace of life my family runs at is breakneck and for once as I’m sitting in the passenger seat, I’m not in control. Everything slows down just a little whether I want it to or not. Continue reading

Weekenders: School’s Out

Guys, this one’s a doozy. Instead of breaking up my weekend into separate posts, it’s going to be one SUPER LONG post. Think you can handle it? Yes? Perfect.

So last Friday was the last day of Spring classes. How did my exam go you ask? Well, I did roll around on the grass in front of the Jubilee Auditorium for two hours and then did turtle spins on a table outside of the exam room…so you tell me how you think my exam went.
Instead of running out of the exam room throwing my non-existent cue cards up into the sky and screaming “FREEDOM!” at the top of my lungs, I hopped into my vehicle and drove to Calgary to visit Krisstina.

I made it into the downtown core in just over two hours. Two hours.  I scare myself with my driving. But digressing from that, I got into Calgary around 8-ish and next thing I know I’m chugging a beer on an empty stomach and stumbling over to Clive Burger which made for the best kind of celebratory “you’re done!” feeling.

Oh yeah, we found this dude who just so happens to be one of my best friends on the way.
Hi Amiel.

Right, so we walked down the block and shoved our faces with burgers and greasy fries that had turned the bag translucent. I would say that I regret eating all that junk, but after trudging through what I had deemed the week from hell, I could really care less about counting my calories.
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Weekenders: Friends 4 eva

(4:oo PM) Friday was the funnest. I never did end up leaving town but instead I had the opportunity to see a lot of wonderful people. Kriss was headed into town and I managed to sneak myself into her plans and take up five hours of her time. We grabbed an early dinner on the Joeys patio which was kicked off by ordering doubles. Of course I didn’t know they were doubles so that made for a fun surprise on an empty stomach. Continue reading