Weekend Warriors: Of flower gardens and cameras

Brittany and I were going to head out to Canmore but yeah…that plan flopped real fast (flash floods, no bueno). So we decided to make our own fun in the city by running around and exploring.

Devonian Botanic Gardens + Cactus Club + Goodwill finds + Getting silly on day drinks

(the closest thing to a nice photo of me)

(promise we weren’t peeling off the bark! We were just touching it!! Scouts honour)

Between our lunch at Cactus Club and the Botanic Gardens, Brittany and I popped over to Goodwill like cool kids do, and found the best thing: a Polaroid Land Camera!! It’s the 101 model that was manufactured from 1964-1967 and it probably is one of the neatest things I have ever seen. I’m pretty sure that our jaws simultaneously dropped when we opened up the case. And I may or may not have felt extremely light headed once we realized it also had bellows that pulled out. BELLOWS GUYS, BELLOWS!

So yeah, this camera = the best thing ever, and hopefully we can get this beauty up and running in the next little while to take some pretty shots this summer!


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