knitta please

It’s supposed to be -38 C tomorrow in Edmonton. But somewhere out there in the frozen wasteland I call home, there’s a lady with a brand spanking new hand knit merino/alpaca wool scarf. Cause you know, I made it. And then I gave it to her.


24/52 Weeks

24/52: This is my side profile post workout face, check out how artsy I am. Maybe one of these days I’ll go back to posting full photos of my face like a normal person would. I’m too self conscious for that right now. Instead let’s focus on how sweet my traps and deltoids look. Aww yiss.

Brunch: Under the High Wheel

Brunch, that wonderful period of time between breakfast and lunch where drinking is deemed acceptable. I met with the lovely Tamar and Noah (he’s pretty lovely too) for a bite to eat at a little place off of Whyte Ave called Under the High Wheel. The food is always super pretty, it aaaalways tastes amazing, and I guess it also helps when one half of the duo you’re eating with tells you what to order since he worked at said restaurant. Continue reading

wee adjustments

I went back and made further adjustments to the photo I took of my brother last night. There’s a reduction in redness, ten percent less dust specks and I think I threw in a 3% opacity haze layer on as well. Don’t worry though, his bone structure wasn’t affected at all.

Weekenders: Snippets

Random bits and bobs, I played catch up with friends and made a quick trip up to the farm. I also did a teensy bit of wandering today and ended up standing in front of an abandoned farmhouse. It was pretty cool but my overactive imagination and the idea of coyotes coming after me had me high tailing back to the house.
Also I managed to snap a photo of my brother giving his best male model impression.
Bye, weekend! You’ve been far too short but oh so great at the same time.

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