With school and sports taking over my time, I’ve been out of the posting game for a bit. I haven’t picked up my camera in over a week and I even managed to forget to bring it with me to Toronto. I don’t even know who I am anymore.

I did snap something the week before though. I got Tessa to pose for me on a Friday and I wandered a bit with Brittany through the river valley when the sun was still high in the sky the following Monday.

Also, I’m over this Edmonton heatwave. I’ll take -30°C any day.
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Weekenders: transience

I’m sitting shot gun and staring at the home brew in the cup holder. “What are the chances we’d get pulled over and the officer catches me drinking something that looks like iced tea?”  I ask myself dumbly (I didn’t drink it). For as long as I’ve known, the pace of life my family runs at is breakneck and for once as I’m sitting in the passenger seat, I’m not in control. Everything slows down just a little whether I want it to or not. Continue reading

little expeditions

I’m so tired that I’ve run out of words before I can even begin to lay them down.
Castles and rocks were climbed, trains were rode, museums with gorgeous architecture were explored, and drunk off sunshine and Port wine, we stumbled through the cobblestone streets of Porto.

Thanks, Portugal. I’ll be back soon. Continue reading