little moments

Have you ever had the realization that what’s missing from your life is a gif of your brother adding milk to black tea? No? Just me?
I truly do enjoy watching the milk swirl through the tea, turning that deep, deep black colour into a gorgeous shade of caramel. I think it’s one of life’s little pleasures even though most of the populace would disagree. But I’m weird like that.


a boy and his cabinet

books + woodworking + coffee
These three things besides fine cashmere goods are what make the man. Ty needed some help putting a portfolio together for school and I did my best to facilitate that.
The more I learn about photography, the more I realize the learning curve is hella steep. It’s frustrating when what’s in front of me and what’s in my mind’s eye don’t match up. But I’m learning.
(here are some snippets from the weekend)

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29/52 Weeks

29/52: Somber side profile selfies that teeter on the edge of looking clinical is apparently what I’m into right now. It’s been a rough couple of weeks and I think this photo might capture the entirety of my current mood.


With school starting to wind down for the term, I’m finding myself scrambling to get projects handed in and ready for exams. Enter sleepless nights and early mornings. Coffee and are going to be best friends and blog neglect will probably occur until further notice.
But with summer maybe around the corner (hint: it’s not, I live in a city where it feels like -10 all year round), there’ll be more posts and hopefully coming at you at a higher frequency as well.

But for now, here’s some streetstyle to keep you warm. Stay tuned kids, bigger and better things are around the corner.

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Hudson’s Bay Blanket

There is ambition, and then there is crazy. Knitting this blanket was absolutely bananas. I started December 2012 and finished it last Friday. Last Friday, aka March 7, 2014. I started knitting this blanket when I found out my friend’s wife was around three months pregnant. The fact that this blanket took longer than the baby’s gestation period to knit is a little embarrassing on my part but what can ya do.
The most satisfying feeling was binding off that last stitch, what a beautiful moment that was. I got the pattern for this crib blanket from the Purl Bee and it’s a super easy knit, it just takes a painfully long time to make. This baby ended up being 4 ft by 4 ft so it’s pretty huge, but I’m happy with it and it turned out wonderfully. Now to be shipped and sent off to Montreal!