little moments

morning florals.
sometimes you only have to wander as far as your backyard for some inspiration


Weekenders: School’s Out

Guys, this one’s a doozy. Instead of breaking up my weekend into separate posts, it’s going to be one SUPER LONG post. Think you can handle it? Yes? Perfect.

So last Friday was the last day of Spring classes. How did my exam go you ask? Well, I did roll around on the grass in front of the Jubilee Auditorium for two hours and then did turtle spins on a table outside of the exam room…so you tell me how you think my exam went.
Instead of running out of the exam room throwing my non-existent cue cards up into the sky and screaming “FREEDOM!” at the top of my lungs, I hopped into my vehicle and drove to Calgary to visit Krisstina.

I made it into the downtown core in just over two hours. Two hours.  I scare myself with my driving. But digressing from that, I got into Calgary around 8-ish and next thing I know I’m chugging a beer on an empty stomach and stumbling over to Clive Burger which made for the best kind of celebratory “you’re done!” feeling.

Oh yeah, we found this dude who just so happens to be one of my best friends on the way.
Hi Amiel.

Right, so we walked down the block and shoved our faces with burgers and greasy fries that had turned the bag translucent. I would say that I regret eating all that junk, but after trudging through what I had deemed the week from hell, I could really care less about counting my calories.
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I am not a breakfast person by nature. I’m a drink scalding hot black coffee and run out the door kind of girl. But sometimes I do get hungry between the hours of eight and eleven in the morning and I find myself more often than not at Under the High Wheel.I also took Silvan with me for breakfast because as much as I love solo outings, the company was too good to pass up.
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little moments

actually, it’s a really big moment.
this is just a small little glimpse into day one.

hello, Micah. I’m so happy we’ve finally had the chance to meet because I’m already so in love with you.



That time of the year where you have to share a lukewarm shower with three other people and sleep on dorm beds that feel like a sheet of plywood sitting on springs.

Captured here are moments in between the frustration, tears, anger, happiness, elation, and joy that competition brings. Moments of icing, silliness in the stands, and giggling in room 470. But really, the title of this post should be “photos of Lauren and a few other people”, because I have a lot of those.
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