Gin & Tonic

Hendrick’s Gin. Where do I begin to profess my love for thee? You’re so good in a martini, you’re so good over ice. But I think I love you best in a Gin and Tonic, you taste so nice. Boom. I just wrote a poem about gin. Yeah, you can call me a lyrical genius (hi, Yeezy).

I truly do love G&T’s though. On a summer day so hot you feel like you’re going to melt into the pavement, it’s probably the best tasting thing ever. It’s also pretty great accompaniment to knitting and records on a night in. I also order these when I go out and without fail I receive funny looks from the people around me. That’s usually my cue to make it a double.

Gin & Tonic

Cucumber slices
Mint leaves
2 oz Gin (I love Hendrick’s, but the Botanist is also a good gin if you’re into more flowery notes)
6 oz Tonic water
Lime Wedges

Muddle mint leaves and cucumber slices in a glass. Fill glass up with ice and add gin and tonic water. Squeeze in some lime juice, and either throw it into the glass like I do, or grab another wedge and use it as garnish. Stir and enjoy.

ps, if you have Angostura bitters, add a dash or two into your drink. I find it gives the drink a beaaaautiful citrus note.


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