When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. When life gives you potatoes, you make a potato gun. It’s a fact.

The boys decided to make a potato gun last weekend and we finally got around to testing it out earlier this week. This beauty is lovingly named Meat. Why? That’s a good question you can take up with my younger brother. But Meat shoots potatoes like a dream 35% of the time and is usually on fire for the other 65 (just kidding! she only lit on fire once!). Unfortunately, when I had a go with her, she shot the potato straight down to the ground with the saddest of noises. We made sure for the next round to add triple the amount of hairspray (triple the fun AMIRITE?), and Loic let er rip.

The conversation leading up to and after he shot the gun was hilarious.

L: “How bad is the kickback?”

B: “There is no kickback.”

fires potato gun, drops it on the ground, stands in shock for ten seconds


Yeah so when Loic dropped Meat, he broke her. RIP Meat, you were the best potato gun for all of five shots.


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