family matters

I think I’m friends with one of the most photogenic families I’ve ever met and it just so happened that they were getting some photos done before baby number two decides to make an appearance. So naturally I tagged along to take some notes during their shoot to learn how to not be the most awkward photographer in history.

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Mixtape Friday

How is it Friday already? Holiday Mondays apparently make that big of a difference.
My weekend is going to be filled with papers on papers on papers, it’s going to be so exciting.
On top of that, I have a gnarly cold that I need to get over ASAP. Thank goodness for the weekend.
Here are five lovely upbeat chill tracks to get you ready to face Friday or start the weekend early.

Hey, you!

I haven’t done one of these in a long time but here’s a quick lil’ one!

My younger brother let me grab a few shots of him when we took a break from yard work over the weekend, and in the last photo, he’s taking a jab at the weird poses I always find myself in.

Minimal words this time as I’m off to write midterms, happy Wednesday!

(more photos after the jump)
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Weekenders: Friends 4 eva

(4:oo PM) Friday was the funnest. I never did end up leaving town but instead I had the opportunity to see a lot of wonderful people. Kriss was headed into town and I managed to sneak myself into her plans and take up five hours of her time. We grabbed an early dinner on the Joeys patio which was kicked off by ordering doubles. Of course I didn’t know they were doubles so that made for a fun surprise on an empty stomach. Continue reading

Mixtape Friday

What are you up to this weekend? The long weekend combined with no school today leaves me with a four day weekend. I have midterms coming up next week but the possibility of adventure is far too great.

Do the pros outweigh the cons? Would I rather be gallivanting through the mountains or draw diagrams of eccentric muscle contractions during a baseball pitch?
Isn’t there a saying that inspiration strikes at the weirdest times? Who says I won’t have a breakthrough on a research proposal topic while I sit on a patio?

Honestly, there’s a slim chance that I’ll have any sort of academic breakthrough while I’m knocking back beers, but the possibility is there.

While I’m up in the air about the weekend and what’s going on, tell me what you’re planning on doing!

And if you’re stuck on weekend plans like me, here are six songs to get those creative juices flowing.

photo via the dark depths of tumblr

Dreamy florals

I find that flowers are an instant mood lifter. Unfortunately my ever present spring allergies are in full swing making it a bit more difficult to stop and smell the flowers. Literally.With the weather warming up, I’m finding myself still stuck on campus. Looks like frolicking through the sunshine, lounging on patios and making money will be in limited supply this summer.
Instead of finding articles for my research project, I did a quick round up of fifteen gorgeous arrangements that are putting me in the mood for greener days that aren’t filled with midterms and papers.
But what is it that the French say? “C’est la vie?” And truly, such is life. School will be over before I know it.
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