On teammates and being a chronic traveller

Since high school I’ve become notorious for missing a lot of class. You’d think that with the passing of time I would become more responsible about it, but I think I’ve actually gotten worse.

I’ve been asked multiple times about how I’m able to juggle everything and to be honest, I do a real bad job of it. Miraculously I always manage to scrape by, and I really hope that luck doesn’t run out anytime soon. Continue reading


whirlwind weekends 2.0

I finished my finals for the summer last Thursday just in time to countdown the days to fall semester beginning (two weeks). I left town pretty quick for an extended long weekend which still didn’t feel long enough.

There’s a billion (no, really) photos to plow through but here’s a few snippets of 6 AM walks through the fog, late night fires with the littles, garden hauls, and photos of Cruz and her beautiful mum.

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With school and sports taking over my time, I’ve been out of the posting game for a bit. I haven’t picked up my camera in over a week and I even managed to forget to bring it with me to Toronto. I don’t even know who I am anymore.

I did snap something the week before though. I got Tessa to pose for me on a Friday and I wandered a bit with Brittany through the river valley when the sun was still high in the sky the following Monday.

Also, I’m over this Edmonton heatwave. I’ll take -30°C any day.
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