On teammates and being a chronic traveller

Since high school I’ve become notorious for missing a lot of class. You’d think that with the passing of time I would become more responsible about it, but I think I’ve actually gotten worse.

I’ve been asked multiple times about how I’m able to juggle everything and to be honest, I do a real bad job of it. Miraculously I always manage to scrape by, and I really hope that luck doesn’t run out anytime soon.I’ve been fortunate enough to run rampant across this world, and I’ve found that I get really itchy (actually) and restless if I stay in one place for too long. I do get homesick every time I leave, but I still love exploring and the thrill of that always keeps me going back for more.

I had the opportunity to head across the pond to England last week to compete at British Championships and of couuuuurse I had to tack another four days of traveling on.
I got to spend a week with some of my favourite people and managed to force a few of them to get in front of my camera. We spent a four-ish days in Bournemouth and Poole, and then headed up to compete at British Championships (where I came third, wee!) in Liverpool. After that, I ran off via train to Scotland and spent a couple days in Glasgow and Edinburgh where I got to visit old friends and make new ones.
I hiked (and probably complained) up hills and narrow roads, wandered through museums, went on whisky tours, discovered how amazing Guinness tastes on the other side of the world, and stumbled through the castle-like structure that is the University of Glasgow.
I’m so happy to be home and ready to fall back into a routine, but in six weeks time I think I’ll be packing up and heading down to Florida to represent Canada at a little event called World Championships. :)

More photos here


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