I am not a breakfast person by nature. I’m a drink scalding hot black coffee and run out the door kind of girl. But sometimes I do get hungry between the hours of eight and eleven in the morning and I find myself more often than not at Under the High Wheel.I also took Silvan with me for breakfast because as much as I love solo outings, the company was too good to pass up.

Hi Silvan.

But back to business, after some time spent staring into the black abyss of a mug of coffee (me) and some time spent huffing the fumes of vanilla chai tea (Silvy), we made our decision.
I got the traditional breakfast for the sake of potatoes and it was so worth it, and Silvy got the sweet waffle. Watching his expression as said waffle was placed in front of him was too much fun. There were so many emotions: confusion, shock, happiness, and disbelief. Which I totally get, because I always find that the food here is next level.Silvy here just graduated University with a degree in Engineering so I decided I would commemorate this moment by taking photos of his face.
I was met with some resistance (“Pam, this is an alleyway. Why are we standing in an alleyway?”), and he spent a good chunk of the time scratching his eye or making a face, but I managed to pull a couple decent shots.
I don’t think I’m quick enough on my feet still and being a good two heads shorter than every one else makes for a challenge, but it’s cool guys cause we’re (the royal we, obviously) are learning. Also I just looked at the price of a 24-70mm f/2.8 lens and the sticker shock almost made me faint, so I’m not quite sure I’m going to step up my photography game anytime soon.

Stay tuned, kids.


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