Weekenders: Friends 4 eva

(4:oo PM) Friday was the funnest. I never did end up leaving town but instead I had the opportunity to see a lot of wonderful people. Kriss was headed into town and I managed to sneak myself into her plans and take up five hours of her time. We grabbed an early dinner on the Joeys patio which was kicked off by ordering doubles. Of course I didn’t know they were doubles so that made for a fun surprise on an empty stomach.
After dinner we moseyed on over to Duchess where we picked up some baking goodies and browsed through all the gorgeous baking books. It’s like a candy store in there, I wanted to buy EVERYTHING. But we left before I had the chance to grab everything in sight and with our spoils in hand, I spied this narrow walkway. At first I couldn’t get over how narrow and creepy it looked, but then I realized there was some real good lighting going on and demanded that Kriss marched herself in there so I could take a photo. Apparently I’m the paparazzi and she didn’t want her photo taken (as she smiles and walks towards me…) but I ain’t mad cause my shot turned out anyways!We ran over to Transcend by the university and grabbed what ended up being my third coffee of the day. I was like the energizer bunny after that but it turns out I would later need all that caffeine. We were walking back to the car and I stopped to take some pictures of the leaves budding all around campus. I’ve actually never been on campus this time of year so it was lovely to see another side of it. I feel like I can appreciate it forty times more now that our eight month winter has left us (for now).

After hanging out with Kriss, I headed back downtown to hang out with Alberto and Pawel who ended up showing me how deep their bromance ran and how everlasting their love for each other was.They love each other so much in the most hetero way two guys caressing each others face can. I really have no idea what they were saying to each other because I was waaaaay too busy trying to keep my tears of laughter at bay. Also, these next few photos may have been fuelled by whiskey. (2:30 AM)


(3:30 AM) And then somewhere along the way as I was making my way home from downtown, I found this guy wandering this streets and took him to his house on the south side. He had a sidekick with him, but I made him stand outside of my vehicle to eat his pizza (and I had locked him out :) ). Hi Noah, your face is great. Thanks for occupying the back driver side of my vehicle.By the time I was making my way home, I could see the sky getting brighter and the sun threatening to come out. What an awful feeling that was, knowing that in a couple hours most people would be waking up to grab their newspapers and walk their dogs. And here I was on my way home.

That feeling didn’t last for very long though since I crashed pretty hard and was out like a light the minute my head hit my pillow. Friday well spent.


4 thoughts on “Weekenders: Friends 4 eva

    • Aw, thank you!
      I find a lot of my friends who grew up in Edmonton don’t like it here and I’m trying to slowly change that one photo at a time!
      I think this city has so much potential and honestly, I love it so much.

      • My thoughts exactly. I’ve traveled a lot, and I can honestly say that Edmonton doesn’t deserve the terrible reputation it has. It’s not Paris or Tokyo or Milan, but it doesn’t have to be in order to not suck.

        I started my blog when a coworker from Ontario told me she hated Edmonton because there was “nothing to do”. For crying out loud, we have a festival every other week, just for starters… :P

      • Very true!! I have many friends who also think there’s nothing to do in this city. When I ask them if they’ve even left their house to see what’s out there, the reply is usually incoherent mumbling. :P

        You can live anywhere in the world, but if you don’t step outside your door, how will you ever be able to appreciate it?

        And with summer coming up I am so excited to be outdoors even more!

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