Mixtape Friday

What are you up to this weekend? The long weekend combined with no school today leaves me with a four day weekend. I have midterms coming up next week but the possibility of adventure is far too great.

Do the pros outweigh the cons? Would I rather be gallivanting through the mountains or draw diagrams of eccentric muscle contractions during a baseball pitch?
Isn’t there a saying that inspiration strikes at the weirdest times? Who says I won’t have a breakthrough on a research proposal topic while I sit on a patio?

Honestly, there’s a slim chance that I’ll have any sort of academic breakthrough while I’m knocking back beers, but the possibility is there.

While I’m up in the air about the weekend and what’s going on, tell me what you’re planning on doing!

And if you’re stuck on weekend plans like me, here are six songs to get those creative juices flowing.

photo via the dark depths of tumblr


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