the life of a polaroid land camera

I have a love hate relationship with Goodwill. I always love the idea of shopping secondhand and giving back to my community, but I abhor digging through kitschy knick-knacks from the 1970s for hours. Thrift shopping is therefore saved as a special treat.

But last summer when I actually had patience and decided that skimming through thrift stores once a week was a thing, we (Brittany and I) stumbled onto a super fun find.We found a junk camera – more specifically a Polaroid Land Camera 101 from 1964, talk about old school cool. The tricky thing about these cameras is that the batteries for it are long gone.

No matter, I’d just stop into my local battery shop and get them to MacGyver one for me. False. The gentlemen of Battery World as nice as they are, made me a battery with the terminals on backwards. Did I know that? No. Did I bother going back to get them to fix it? Nope.

So the camera sat.
Fast forward a year later, I decided to give another go with the camera and decided I would make my own battery. It actually was more like taking apart the previously MacGyvered (is this a word? it’s now a word) battery with an exacto knife, flipping the terminals, and then electrical taping everything back together. Safe, am I right?

Once I got the camera working, expensive Polaroid compatible film was ordered and away we went. Too bad we’re really awful at using this camera.

Who cares though, the ability to pull the print out of the camera and peel it apart slowwwwwly revealing what may be a good picture is oh so satisfying. You have a print in your hands in seconds and that instant gratification is apparently all I need to get me sufficiently addicted to this wee little plastic camera.

Anyways, here are a some blurry shots from the last week. A good 98% of them didn’t turn out, but it was fun while it lasted.
(P.S. Yes, my scanner is as dirty and uncooperative to cleaning as you think)

P.P.S.  This is what the camera looks like! I took these photos last summer.

P.P.P.S. While Brittany took a photo of me (the last photo) with the land camera, I took one of her with my Nikon.


2 thoughts on “the life of a polaroid land camera

    • Thank you for checking them out! :)

      It’s unfortunate that my camera isn’t compatible with any of their film because what they’ve been making looks beautiful even though it’s a wee bit pricey.

      This camera is steep learning curve with limited amount of shots!

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