midweek getaways

Most people dislike Mondays since it usually means getting up early to go to school or work and falling into a routine of monotony. I am one of those people who dislikes Mondays.This Monday was slightly different though since I decided to skip town and go to the farm. I took Brittany with me as well. That was pretty great because as much as I love solitude, the sound of silence out there can be deafening. I took a whole bunch of pictures of Brit and she managed to capture a whole bunch of unflattering photos of me. It wasn’t her fault though, it was my face! I never know what to do with it so I just stand awkwardly and look well…awkward. I’ll stay behind the camera thank you very much.

Regardless, taking photos was a lot of fun for the both of us since I have no idea how to pose people (“okay, pretend you’re a wood nymph… no pretend you’re Ron Burgundy… no wait, pretend you’re Ron Burgundy posing as a wood nymph running through the forest hugging trees and drinking scotch”), and because everything I said was apparently funny. (this is my srs face. it’s srs bsns guuuys)
Also we got our Polaroid land camera from 1964 to work! We took looooooads of blurry snapshots that I’ll post later this week. Unfortunately the city lights called to us sooner than later and we made our way home. I’d like to think that we’ll make another trip out here soon but with spontaneity that summer brings, I think there’s bigger and even better trips somewhere else in store for us.


3 thoughts on “midweek getaways

    • I wasn’t sure if I should include it but I’m glad I did! I’m pretty sure if I held the camera in front of the horse any longer, my lens would have had some bite marks on it.

      Thanks for checking my photos out!

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