The first time I picked up a camera…

I was heading to Portugal. It was the second time I had ever been overseas for a gymnastics competition, talk about exciting. That trip, along with a trip to Argentina the year before sparked a series of competitions that took me all around the world during my last two years of high school. In retrospect, I probably would have hashtagged my high school career as #humblebrag (yes I just did that). One week in physics class, the next in Portugal. One week in biology, the next in Japan. You get the idea. I was and still am so grateful that I got to travel all the time throughout high school and there were many a life lesson learned on those trips. I was always so out of the loop when it came to my high school group of friends and I missed out on parties and hangouts to go travel the world. I was always a little sad because I felt like I was always on the outside, but now that I’m a little bit older, I’m happy that I sacrificed those high school experiences for a more worldly one.But I digress, what I really want to talk about is the first time I ever picked up a camera. When I mean the “first time”, I really mean the first time I ever picked up a camera and was consciously aware of what I was doing. But that doesn’t make for a catchy title does it? I was sixteen and two days before my big trip to Portugal, I ran into a camera store and picked out a shiny new Nikon d60. I read dSLR camera reviews online and all that junk but with no experience on my hands, I still didn’t know what I was exactly doing. What I did know was that the tiny digital camera I had wasn’t cutting it and didn’t give me the pictures I wanted. So with my savings (along with some of my momma’s money), I ran to the store, bought a camera, and began my love affair with photography.I’ve been in some kinda slump lately and I’m feeling so uninspired. I’m going to blame the lack of creativity on exams, the always changing weather (it was 20 degrees last week and as I look out my window, all I see is snow…), and just how damn busy I always seem to be.  So here I am scrolling through old travel photos and blatantly ignoring the large chemistry textbook opened up in front of me. As I do this, I’m asking myself why I even picked up a camera. The sixteen year old voice in my head says it’s because “I want to take pretty photos”, the older me is cringing at that thought and reluctantly agreeing. Beside taking “pretty photos”, I like that I can tell stories from a point of view that others can actually see. Cataloging my life and big events is pretty neat as well. Scattered throughout this post are the photos from my Portugal trip five years ago. That trip was magical and I think I will always love that country with my whole heart. There were beaches, good food, so much laughter, new friends, and British boys who made me believe in love at first sight. I’ve gone back and touched them up a little but these photos show sixteen year old Pam learning to compose some of her first photos. I think she was on the right track.


13 thoughts on “The first time I picked up a camera…

    • It’s still my favourite trip of all time! I love(d) Portugal so much. I think I’m starting to get restless since I haven’t travelled in a while. My younger brother is heading to Asia three (!!!!) times in the next six months and I am not a happy camper because of it. I’d love to just grab his coat tails and go along for the ride.

      • I’m hoping I can tag along for one trip, but it depends on my school and sport schedule
        Both my brother and I do gymnastics, he competes for team Thailand and I compete for team Canada. He’s headed to Japan later this week for a competition, and then again in September/October to South Korea for Asian Games and then China for World Championships.
        Lucky duck am I right?
        I’ll have to wait until September and look at my exam schedule to see if I can sneak off for a week or not. I’m crossing my fingers and toes!

      • Ohh I’ll cross my fingers and toes for you as well! That is incredible! Best of luck! I’ll be following along while you are on your journey :)

    • Thank you :)
      Some of the photos I took that trip are some of my all time favourites. The last photo I took on the beach being at the top of that list.

      Thanks for taking the time to check it out!

    • Why thank you! I’m working on getting better at composing photos but yes, even looking back I still am very proud of these shots considering I didn’t know much about cameras!

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