a wee little mixtape

I’m cramming right now. Finals start tomorrow and I’ve been knitting tiny little moccasins instead. If they weren’t so cute, I’d probably feel really guilty. But I don’t.

Here are some quasi-slow jams and really upbeat songs that’ve carried me through the week.



7 thoughts on “a wee little mixtape

  1. Love the photo. And, re Blogging 201, I like the feel of your theme and the way you have it laid out. But there is no way, short of a comment, to tell you that I like your stuff. Is that what you intended?

    • Well thank you!

      What I intended was to get ANY sort of feedback that will help me make my wee slice of the internet a more reader friendly and engaging place to be!

      (But if you wanna tell me that you dig my stuff the way it is and make me feel like that awkward wallflower at a high school dance who was just told by their crush “you rock, don’t ever change”, I’m totally open to that as well.)


      • What I meant was, I can’t like your individual posts, because there is no ‘like’ button at the bottom. I’m not sure why that is as most blogs seem to have them automatically.

      • That’s strange, I’ll check that out.

        The rest of my posts have them, and looking at this post now I can see a reblog and like button under the facebook, tumblr and pinterest widget. All of this is should be appearing above the comments section!

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