Hudson’s Bay Blanket

There is ambition, and then there is crazy. Knitting this blanket was absolutely bananas. I started December 2012 and finished it last Friday. Last Friday, aka March 7, 2014. I started knitting this blanket when I found out my friend’s wife was around three months pregnant. The fact that this blanket took longer than the baby’s gestation period to knit is a little embarrassing on my part but what can ya do.
The most satisfying feeling was binding off that last stitch, what a beautiful moment that was. I got the pattern for this crib blanket from the Purl Bee and it’s a super easy knit, it just takes a painfully long time to make. This baby ended up being 4 ft by 4 ft so it’s pretty huge, but I’m happy with it and it turned out wonderfully. Now to be shipped and sent off to Montreal! 


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