Brunch: Under the High Wheel

Brunch, that wonderful period of time between breakfast and lunch where drinking is deemed acceptable. I met with the lovely Tamar and Noah (he’s pretty lovely too) for a bite to eat at a little place off of Whyte Ave called Under the High Wheel. The food is always super pretty, it aaaalways tastes amazing, and I guess it also helps when one half of the duo you’re eating with tells you what to order since he worked at said restaurant. We’re a little bit scatterbrained as a collective, and it took us a long time to order drinks. Which led to mimosas. On a Wednesday. It’s because we’re celebrating reading week AND hump day, right?
It made for a good (and slow) start since we also took a million years to order. But good things come to those who wait. Anyways, I’m trying to up my food porn game so I present to you our brunch: Sweet Belgian Waffles, and Bangers and Mash (sans eggs for me). We stuffed ourselves silly and it took a while for us to get up and leave, so I decided to entertain everyone at the table. Apparently my idea of entertainment and conversation is not the same as theirs and there was scolding, sheepish looks, and a lot of giggling out of embarrassment for being seen with me in public. When we finally left, I managed to convince them they should let me take a photo and their cooperation lasted for about three seconds.
In conclusion, brunch was a success and we’re going to try to make it a more regular occurrence (which depending on our schedules will be every six weeks, give or take…). We’re going to start a club and it’s going to be delicious. Cool kids only. 


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