little moments

One of the reasons I love Saturday is because IT’S FARMERS’ MARKET DAY. The Strathcona Farmers’ Market is open all year round and indoors which means its accessible every Saturday. The downtown City Market is held outdoors in the summer and moves into City Hall for the winter, so I popped over there as well to see what they had (read: they had chocolate and cookies, I couldn’t say no). This post is a nod to the lovely lady who blogs under the moniker The Northern Urbanites. She does a lot of lovely posts about buying local and also takes pretty pictures. If you pop over to her blog, check out Supermarket 365 because I think it’s really super cool.
Moving onto my actual market haul, I spent a tiny fortune today on olive oil and balsamic vinegar from Evoolution and somewhere lurking in that bag is a tiny bottle of white truffle oil.
The rest are just my usual market go to items: golden beets, rainbow carrots, a loaf of sourdough, london fog cookies from Bloom, sea salt chocolate, and California stuffed olives to appease my mother for not taking her with me.

I think shopping local is great since you get to support all the lovely businesses in and around the city, and I always feel like I’m getting waaaaay better stuff that what’s at the supermarket.

Happy Saturday!


3 thoughts on “little moments

  1. New to your blog. I really like the photos and the funny sense of humor that you have. I too feel like when I step into a farmers market the loot that I score is wayyyy better off than the supermarket hull. Good for you! (One that I truly miss). We have tons of markets here… just different.

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