The current state of my life

So I literally just gave the worst presentation of my life. There was stuttering, shaking and a whole lot of nervous sweat. But don’t worry guys, I stayed true to form and made a spectacle of myself by tripping over a power cord and landing gracelessly on my face. And of course I chose today of all days to wear a dress.

So to cope with my blunders I’ve decided to  describe my life through a series of sub-par Regular Show gifs that I’ve sourced from the lovely people of tumblr instead of sharing a 750 mL bottle of wine with myself.
It’s like a buzzfeed article, but worse.


this is how I feel half an hour after my first coffee

this is how much I always regret getting a second cup

and on the off chance that I was dumb enough to get a third cup I feel like this

this is how I feel when I’m riding the curve up to the top:

this is how I feel about taking four labs in one semester

this is how I think I’m going to dress when I go to school

what I actually look like

When February hits, my study habits will manifest into paper shredding

and my test scores will start to look like this

Also, to the ickle firsties that refuse to shower in my 100-level lectures

and the three stages I go through in my head when my prof disses that snarky kid in the front row

what I thought I’d be doing with my friends in university

what we end up doing

the idea that I have to graduate soon should make me feel like this


and just because this gif is so great, and this truly describes what I am currently going through: this is what the rest of my undergrad degree is probably going to look like


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