Weekenders: New Years

Once upon a time, there was a rag tag bunch of misfits who went to the mountains to ring in the New Year. On the way, two of these misfits made a pit stop in Calgary to reunite with their favourite bratty bartender named Amiel and had a three course lunch. After a delightfully boozy pizza lunch, the two drove to Canmore and met with the rest of their friends. The next two days were spent on the slopes and the waiting room of the the ER. One of us may or may not have fractured our elbow after having a few drinks on the hill. Group naps were taken daily, and bottles were popped. We hung out in a bar in Banff to ring in the New Year that was way too next level and made for a funny time. Men were dressed in suits, and the ladies were teetering on platform heels in bandage dresses of all colours. I decided to wear a toque and looked like I just rolled off the mountain, so I definitely blended in with the crowd (note: this is a joke, I was very out of place). Disregarding the lack of sparkles or cares I had to give that night, it made for pretty good people watching. Nearing midnight I decided to walk around the bar and next thing I know as I’m walking out of the bathroom, streamers are hitting me in the face. I was too enthralled with wiping my wet hands on my jeans that I didn’t even notice that people were counting down. Of course that’s how my New Year started. And then we went to McDonald’s. But I’m going to pretend that that really wasn’t my first meal of 2014 and the delicious lunch I had at Crazy Weed was: duck confit sandwich and homemade ketchup, get in my mouth. After that, everyone in their less than beautiful state (read:hungover) drove home to dream about all things good that would happen in the brand spanking new year. Also I think they all lived happily ever after (even Laura with her broken elbow).

The End.


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