Bucket of things

Lately it seems that I’ve found so many new ways to procrastinate. One exam. I have one exam left in about an hour and a half, so I thought I’d make a list of all the things I’d rather be doing than cramming at a Starbucks surrounded by thirty different coloured pens and stacks on stacks on stacks of notes.

I came up with a bucket list of things I want to do before I well, kick the bucket (duh). Some of them are things I probably can accomplish by next summer, and few of them (read: most of them) will require a lot of extra funding.
I had a moment of clarity a week or so ago when I was thinking of all the things I wanted to do with my life. Some of my goals feel so ambitious that even I laugh at them, so I told myself that in another life time I would’ve done accomplished them. But then I realized quite stupidly that I only get one go at this living thing, so who cares about how ambitious my goals seem, I should be doing what I want. Cause really, we’re all rebels at heart who wanna stick our noses (and fingers) at the man (right? right??), and quite honestly these are the only rules that govern my life:

  1. Breathe, air is good
  2. Eat
  3. Sleep
  4. Learn how to take everything in stride
  5. Y
  6. O
  7. L
  8. O

I’m sorry about those last four rules but I thought it was kinda funny and like 100% the truth. So here’s my list I’ve compiled over the past few weeks leading up to exams.

1. Make it to Ireland (third time’s the charm?)
Call me unlucky but I’ve managed to book trips to Ireland twice and cancel them both. All this girl wants to do is drink a pint of Guinness at the Gravity Bar in Dublin, and walk around the Giant’s Causeway in the North. (imgur)

2. Road trip to Alaska
Apparently this drive is just as pretty, if not prettier than the drive to Vancouver through the National Parks. This is something that I’m thinking might happen this upcoming summer if I can coordinate a trip (aka find someone who can stand me for long bouts of time). 38 hour road trip, let’s do it! (nogaleandlaura)

3. Canoe Lake Louise
I want to do this one this summer sometime between all eleventy hundred of my other activities. Lake Louise belongs on a postcard and I want to be in it. (imgur)

4. Surf Tofino
I’ve always wanted to surf and since it’s more likely that I’ll skip over a province to British Columbia than it is that I’ll hop on a plane to California, we may as well try it in the freezing cold Pacific Ocean. Plus, I have amazingly outdoorsy friends in BC, so I’m sure I can find someone to teach me. :) (marinerecker)

5. Explore Iceland
Before there were round trip plane tickets from Edmonton to Reykjavik for $600 (SERIOUSLY, WHAT!), one of my super close friends and I decided that when we graduated from our blasted undergraduate degrees, we’d take a trip to Iceland. Every time I mention that I want to go there, I get a series of funny looks. But to me, Iceland just seems like it’s made of magic, and I want to hike, drive, see and explore everything it has to offer. (imgur)

6. Visit St. Basil’s Cathedral to see if it looks EXACTLY how it did in Tony Hawk’s Underground
I think this is silly, but self explanatory (flickr)

7. Drink hot chocolate at Angelina
When I was in Paris this summer, it was 37 degrees. It didn’t even cross my mind to enter Angelina’s because the thought of drinking a hot beverage was just unbearable, that and I spent all my money on macarons at Laduree, so I actually didn’t eat much at all in Paris, but I digress. If  I could make my way back there (preferably not during the dog days of summer), I probably would never turn down the chance to drink the most luxurious hot chocolate ever (from what I’ve heard) and act like a pretentious swot. This is at the top of my list to things to do next time I’m in the city of light. (The Londoner)

8. Brewcyle + Portland. Brewcycle. Brew + cycle. Drinking micro brews on a bicycle. Yes, sign me up please. (Brewcycle)

9. Climb some rocks outside
I’ve been into rock climbing as of three months ago and my climbing friends make the outdoors sound so appealing that I might even leave my basement to join them. (flickr)

10. Visit Oz
I have a friend who’s moving to Australia this week so that gives me an excuse to  hop on a plane to go explore what Oz has to offer and get a bonus couch to crash on. Also, when it’s -35 with added windchill, sunny beaches (or anywhere warmer than here) sounds like the place where I wanna be. (flickr)

11. Run away and go to school in New Zealand.
I can probably make this into a reality pretty easy, but depending on the direction I wanna take after my undergrad degree, this gets to stay on the back burner for a little while longer. (But oh! The possibilities!) (flickr)

12. Ski the pants off Colorado
Yes, pants. Vail, Aspen, Telluride, I’m coming for ya. (tumblr)

13. Live in Thailand
So I have always felt that I’ve straddled this really awkward cultural divide for most of my life (illustrated in this post here), and I dunno, I feel like I need to go to Thailand, to see my family and understand what the french toast is going on. I would go to  “find myself” like everyone else does when they go to Thailand, except I don’t think I’ll be finding myself through full moon parties and mushroom milkshakes, just sayin’.

14. Travel through Japan
From what I recalled of my 2010 trip, I ended up falling in love with Japan. I loved the kind people, the food, the culture, and pretty much everything else. I got to explore Tokyo and some of the countryside, but apparently my curiosity is instatiable and I want to go back to explore the rest of the country and eat a huuuuuge bowl of ramen.

The end.

That’s my list for now but I’m sure as time goes on it’ll get longer and longer which means I gotta start making my way through it. It’s pretty ambitious but I think it’s pointing me in the right direction. :)


2 thoughts on “Bucket of things

  1. Awesome list. I am going to suggest a road trip to Alaska with my friends. We recently did a tour of American national parks over the summer and it was amazing.

    Really identify with your “Afternoon Delight” post. My school definitely had a lot of immigrant kids but we were divided into separate classes within grades as most of them were still learning English where I had picked it up quickly around 3rd grade. So I stood out amongst the “white class” as all of the other Asian/Latino/Middle Eastern kids were in the other class. It was all a very confusing time.

    x atelier zozo

    • Ooh National Parks tour, that would be sweet. Doing a road trip to Alaska is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while so I’m excited to try and make it into a reality this upcoming year!

      That Afternoon Delight post was pretty painful to write, but I’m glad you were able to understand where I was coming from. It makes sense of why kids in your elementary school was divided, but it doesn’t make it any less painful!

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