Weekend Warriors: Swants Party

I’m sure everyone has a moment in their life when they realize they have the coolest friends in the world. On Friday night when Ashley and I were at the Backside Film Fest, she asked me if I knew what swants were. I obviously said yes and when she asked me if I wanted to make some with her, that moment will forever be burned into my memory like this:
For all of you that aren’t up to speed, the lovely people of the internet have come up with the next best clothing item since jorts. Swants is the combination of the word sweater and pants. Yes, we made sweater pants. Not only are you ridiculously comfy (or comfy and ridiculous looking, your choice) in your fancy swants, you’re upcycling old sweaters and doing all those nice things that give you good karma. I might be making this up.

We decided to meet in the afternoon and Ash made what was probably the best brunch I’ve ever had. Maggie came too which was like the theoretical cherry on top of the best theoretical ice cream sundae out there. hi Maggie.After shoving our delightful little faces with enough food to feed a family of ten, we commenced swants making.You know, the best part of making swants is the second step when you cut out the neck part. Cause you get this sweet dickey and then you can layer your dickies on top of each other. Dickeyception.Wearing your dickey with your swants is also encouraged. Unfortunately I’m really bad with scissors and my dickey didn’t turn out leaving me with red and black scraps of dissapointment. Such is life. After a few hours of pinning, sewing, and butt touching, we were done our first pair. I’m like 100% sure that was the best moment of our weekend. To celebrate our acheivement, we ate a whole lotta pastries from Duchess Bake Shop and Ashley did enough high kicks for all of us. Sunday well spent.

Learn to make swants here
Step Brothers gif via tumblr


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