Weekenders: Early Mornings

5:30 AM, 6:00 AM, 6:30 AM, 6:45 AM, 7:00 AM. I set five alarms to get up this morning and I blissfully slept through all of them. Do I regret it? Of course not. When I eventually did get up (7:15) and ran out the door to meet Ashley (7:30), it was still dark out. The inky blue sky faded in a matter of seconds and bam there was the sun. I swear I blinked, and the sky was a different colour.

Yawning and bleary eyed (me, not Ash) with Starbucks in hand, we headed down into the chilly River Valley. You know what’s great? Gloves, mittens, and anything that can protect your hands when the temperature dips below 0. Guess who didn’t have any of the above? This girl. Breath condensating (this is apparently not a word, I made it up) and fingers shaking, we watched the sun rise and greeted every runner and dog that went by. The morning chill and frost started to fade and next thing I knew, it was over. I might not stay in Edmonton for the rest of my life, but it has my heart and mornings like this make it feel like magic. You can find Ashley’s blog, here.


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