Hey, you!

Apparently September is the month of all new things! I’m going to try and start a new series called “Hey, you!” in which I will attempt to take better photos showcasing my friends and then write a little bit about how wonderful they are. It’s kind of a win-win situation for them, no?

It’ll be a slow process and probably have infrequent updates (like everything else I do…) but I’ll try my best to stick to it.

So to start us off I took a couple photos of the lovely Marisa. She’s super bubbly, a stupid good gymnast, and thinks all my dirty jokes are funny. In a couple weeks she’ll be off to the 2013 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships in Antwerp, Belgium. At sixteen she will be representing Trinidad at the WC and I’m excited to see her kill it. (Cause going to World’s at that age is a HUGE deal!) Besides being a world class gymnast, Marisa enjoys standing in front of my camera, scolding me, and long walks on the beach. Some of these facts may not be accurate.

Even though I seem to never get enough shots, we shared lots of giggles and smiles and had all the fun. I’m going to try to update more frequently but this sea of homework and other commitments is starting to pull me under. Stay tuned!


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