52 weeks

So today is my birthday. According to my younger brother it’s actually the day where 21 years ago I “exploded out of our mother and ricocheted off a ceiling fan into the loving arms of our family”. He has a special way with words am I right?

I started off this year trying to do a 365 days project and it’s kinda on hiatus because some (most) days when I rush from one thing to the next, I forget about it or I feel like I lack the creativity to shoot anything. Enter 52 weeks.

The lovely ladies of A Beautiful Mess had a contest a couple of months ago where they challenged readers to take self portraits everyday for a month. I considered jumping on the bandwagon, but I got too scared. My reasoning (or excuse) was because I’m not comfortable in front of a camera, I’m more comfortable behind it. So here’s what I’m thinking…since today is my birthday and I guess the literal start of the year for me, I’m going to take a self portrait every week and document how I change over the course of the year.

So here’s the first photo that I took a day or two ago in my backyard. I am so utterly confused and intrigued every time I look at this photo because when I peer into the mirror this is not the face I see staring back!

So here’s to turning 21 and new exciting things. I’m ready to dive right into this year with two feet and a big ol’ smile.


3 thoughts on “52 weeks

      • Your beautiful so don’t be nervous! But if it makes you feel better, in the A Beautiful mess book they talk about how selfies don’t have to be just of your face, it can be elements of you. ie. feet, hands, shadows… So don’t feel like your stuck just taking face pictures. :)

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