Temporary Love

So I’ve been in school since Wednesday and I’ve already found new ways to procrastinate. My new favourite thing is to browse Etsy and curate all the things I want. I managed to stumble into the magical world of temporary tattoos meant for grown ups. I like them for two reasons, A) they’re temporary (duh) and B) they don’t give me flashbacks to the temporary tattoos of my childhood. Don’t get me wrong, I love tattoos. I have a couple in fact, but I just like how in your face I can make these temporary tattoos and slap em onto my neck if I want (but I probably won’t). I want more tattoos (real ones), and these kinda give me the feeling that if I got these, I might just run to my favourite artist and ask him nicely to make some of these ones permanent. From what I’ve picked, you can tell that I reaaaaally like line art and nature, and flowers, and yeah just take a peek.and my ABSOLUTE favourite…

images 1 & 3 via BurrowingHome, image 2 via Tattify, images 4-8 via pepperink, & image 9 via VictoriasAviary


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