friday night lights

So I’m sick. It’s a weird kinda sick where the only thing that hurts are my tonsils but I don’t have strep or tonsillitis. My mom has this idea that if you’re sick, you should probably drink some tea and go to bed at nine. She’s probably right but since my parents decided to skip town and leave me alone, I decided to “sneak” out with my younger brother and have all the fun! I snuck out at 9PM. Am I a rebel or what?I went to my first car meet. I didn’t take pictures or talk to anyone because I felt like a fish out of water. Like really, I drive a truck and I called the hood of a vehicle a lid last night. I’m sure whoever overheard me really appreciated it. We went for bubble tea after where jokes and scathing remarks (we’re all friends here) were traded, followed by a laaaaaaate dinner at Cafe de Tropika. Even later night drives were declined and traded in for counting sheep and warm beds. I was out like a light the minute I laid down. Maybe my mum was right, maybe you should try and sleep when you’re a sicky germy child like me. (But where’s the fun in that!)


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