Sevilla: Patterns

When we got to Sevilla (aka Seville for us English speaking folk), it kinda looked like a ghost town. You would think that with the reviews this place has had, it would be packed. All the locals (those smart cookies) left Sevilla for the month of August and went North because it is melt-into-the-pavement hot outside. The hottest time of day is usually between four to seven o’clock. It’s currently 37 degrees here, and the idea that it’s only going to get worse in the next few hours is slightly terrifying. But I digress.

The first day we were here, we made a trip to Alcazar – a royal palace that was once a Moorish fort (thanks, Wikipedia!). There have been seldom times where I’ve actually had my jaw drop. I shrugged at the London Eye, Big Ben and the Eiffel Tower, but Alcazar kinda blew my mind. The amount of attention to detail and design was absolutely unreal. The entire structure is beautiful, but the little things like the tiles on the floor and walls are what got me. So I focused on that. As a result, this post looks at the twenty bajillion (accurate number) different patterns found throughout Alcazar (that and because I left my wide angle lens at home, womp womp).Before we left San Sebastian, we decided that we would just buy groceries and make our own food in Seville. Yeah, that was a big fat joke. What we’ve done instead was start our own little eating tour, and the food only gets better and better with every meal.Renee and I only have four days left before we head home (seriously, when did that happen?!) and then Nicole and Alex are off to Ireland. I don’t know how this week has gone by so fast since we got to Spain, but I guess time flies when you’re having fun. One thing I know for sure though is that since we’ve got here, my pants that were barely staying on in France are snug again. Oof.


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