San Sebastián: Drifters

Nicole and I arrived in Barcelona on the 8th and reunited with our homies Renee and Alex. That was great and all, but we ended up staying in Barcelona for a grand total of twelve hours. Stumbling and bleary eyed, we caught a taxi back to the airport at 5 AM; this time our destination was San Sebastián, a surf town in the North of Spain. We couldn’t check into our hostel until noon, so like the washed up drifters we were, we decided to sleep on the beach. It’s kind of weird when you fall asleep on a desolate beach, and you wake up to find yourself surrounded by two hundred other people. More trips to the beach and siestas were had, and then we settled for a “wholesome Friday night” (Alex’s words) of tapas and ice cream. I think we all fell asleep before midnight. Waking up to an overcast sky is probably my favourite thing. That means it’s not scorching hot outside, and I can wear pants. Because all I brought to Europe were pants, and lemme tell you that it makes for an uncomfortable time when it’s 35+ degrees. The night before, we saw an illuminated statue of Jesus high up in the sky and we kinda made it our mission to find a way up to the top of that hill.hi Jesus, we found you.We still have two to three days left here, and I have a total of ten days left in my trip. I have no idea what we’re doing next so we’ll see where the wind takes us.


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