Nice – Eze – Monaco

Sorry for the extended radio silence, our Irish ran hostel in Nice was really sweet except for the slowest of wifi connections. Nice was great by the way. It was hot, but it was great. We did a fast track tour of the old town, visiting the antique market, flower market, and the beach (which by the way is made up of large rocks, sunbathing made even more uncomfortable, yay!). We also did a day trip to the lovely little village of Eze, and to Monaco where I was almost ran over by a Lamborghini. It would have been unfortunate, but could you imagine that? What a way to go.FYI, this is turf! Monaco had turf in their parks – probably to keep us peasants from doing any real damage to their property. Thank you France for being c’est magnifique, but it’s time to move on to Spain, adios!


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