German vs. French Croissants

Fact #1: German croissants contain 300% less butter than French ones do. French croissants are just really well disguised blocks of butter. By the time you realize how good it tastes, you’ve already finished the whole thing. Open, chew, swallow. German croissants are drier, healthier, and taste like they’ve been sitting in the Superstore bulk bin for at least three days. German croissants don’t coat the paper bag it sits in with a thin film of grease which then seeps into your purse, but you’ll need a bottle and a half of water to choke it down. I don’t know if it’s due to how sad I was when I was leaving Germany, but for some reason the German croissant tasted better than any pastry (minus the macarons) I had in France.

Fact #2: I just wrote a review on croissants.


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