I spent the better half of last week in Calgary. No camera, just iPhone photos of long days and even longer nights.


Bastille – Pompeii Kat Krazy Remix

Guys! I don’t do this very often but I think you should listen to this song! It’s so so good! I don’t even really listen to electronic anymore because I think I’m too cool for school, but this song reaaaaally gets me into a dance and party mood! The original song is great too, but for some reason I am going NUTS over this remix.

And the wonderful original:

image via thecamdencrawl


Quick iPhone snapshots from Wednesday to last night. Day 191 to 194. I haven’t had much time to run around and take pictures as I prepare for my competition and upcoming trip. Gimme a week. Big and super exciting things are on its way!!

Mixtape Friday

Well this week blew by super fast again! I’ve been doing gymnastics pretty much every day this week (I’m training for a competition next week) and listening to the radio gets pretty boring pretty quick – there’s only so many times I can listen to Blurred Line’s by Robin Thicke! 8tracks saved me though and I listened to lots of summery indie rock. Some new, some old. I also listened to Diplo’s Blow Your Head Moombahton 2012 Mix. Jungle beats I tell you! Super hype.


image via weheartit

Strawberry Mint Infused Water

Did you know the human body is about 65% water? Did you also know that we lose around 2 to 2.5 litres of water from our bodies per day? All of a sudden drinking 8 glasses of water doesn’t sound so bad, does it? But water’s soooo boring, you say. I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be! It’s the most thirst quenching thing ever after a hard workout, but water isn’t always the first thing we grab when we’re rushing throughout the day (hi, large lattes!).Infusing fruit and herbs make water a bit more interesting, and in this case strawberries infuse the water with a hint of berry goodness, and the mint gives it a refreshing flavour – perfect for summer.You’ll need: 3 or 4 large strawberries (thoroughly washed), a handful of mint leaves (throughly washed also), and water of course! Slice strawberries into wedges and rip up your mint leaves – place both ingredients into a glass jug. Fill with cold water, and let it sit in the fridge for 3-4 hours, or overnight. The water will turn a light pink hue and strawberries will float to the bottom. It’s good to go at this point, and ready to drink! happy sipping!