Weekend Warriors: Fields of Gold

Hi, hello, remember me?

I’ve been AWOL for a wee bit and I’ve come around again. I’d like to make excuses for why I didn’t post anything. But in all honesty, I haven’t felt very inspired lately. I was in a funk. I’m trying really hard to push myself out of it, and hopefully my quick getaway to the farm will remedy it. It’s so pretty out here that I can’t not take photos of everything. It’s only the first of June, so obviously there’s nothing ready for harvest. Just a lot of dirt, dandelions, and the first green of Spring (because Spring is always super late here).

And who would have thunk that dandelions make for a gorgeous backdrop? I really wanted to set my camera down and roll around in the masses of them, but I don’t think my allergies would’ve appreciate it very much…and I’m pretty sure I saw a cow patty or forty, so we’ll just skip that on the itinerary.

Also, I FINALLY got to get near the old barn/shed, and what a happy girl that made me. But I’m like 100% sure that if I went in it, it would have collapsed. So I just peeked my head in instead.

Hopefully mini trips like these will keep me super inspired, and here’s to the start of summer, and hopefully many more adventures to come!


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