Quebec Part One

Soo I’m in Quebec City right meow. I’m in Quebec City for Elite Canada aka a trampoline competition. Wooo. I’ve been to Montreal loads of times, but I’ve only been to Quebec City once as a child. And let me tell you, I did not have a good experience. So I’m back with a more open mind for round two.

We started off at Aquarium du Quebec because we have this thing for going to either a zoo/aquarium, castle, or cemetery every time we go on a gym trip. Weird right?

There were two polar bears at the aquarium! POLAR BEARS!!

And one super happy Ryan.

After we had our fill of animals, we drove down to Old Quebec for lunch and maple syrup.

Mmmm maple  syrup.

And it looks way better than this attempt!

So far Quebec is better than I remember (thank god), and hopefully this weekend’s competition goes well! More sightseeing to be had as well!

PS, this made my day tres better as well…


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