Easter Weekend

Holy cow, where did my weekend go? I swear I blinked and it was Monday. I even had an extra day off!

I kicked off the weekend early with a birthday brunch on Friday. We went to Urban Diner and stuffed ourselves silly with eggs benny and french toast. I got super yummy french toast with marscapone.

After our feast, birthday boy Jeff opened his presents…

Which ended up being a pair of undies from Victoria’s Secret! Kidding, his real present was underneath.

New Eberle jersey, yay!

Next up, I drove out to the farm with the boys to get in some trampoline time.

They were more interested in jumping off the top of the building though…

Saturday night was party time, more birthdays to be celebrated! Super dark bar pictures, commence!

Sunday was reserved for Easter dinner with K’s Aunt and Uncle. Lots of delicious food, and even better company.

PS, look at this door! it’s an 8 ft solid cherrywood door. absolutely beautiful!!

I hope everyone had a great easter!


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