So I did a forty hour road trip to Calgary last week. In those said forty hours, the hour and a bit we spent at WURST was probably my favourite part of the trip. WURST is a German restaurant in the sort of DT are of Calgary (Mission), and it’s probably one of my favourite spots in the city so far. The building is split into two levels, with two different menus: the main floor being a open and clean looking space with trees and fairy lights strewn about.

And the downstairs is a beer hall. Yes, a beer hall. My dad was so happy to be there, exclaiming “This is how it was in Germany when I was there! This was my favourite thing about of Germany!”

You can even rent a cubby here! To store what you ask? YOUR BEER STEIN OF COURSE!!

But I digress, lets move onto the eats…

My parentals got the huge Franzl’s Mixed Grill to share – it was meat on meat on meat on sauerkraut. They enjoyed it but it was so huge!  (Really, all I could think was holyyyyy that plate equals mad meat sweats – classy, right?)

Us children went in the direction of the carvery. K & B got themselves some prime rib, S half a rotisserie chicken, and I got myself TWO helpings of knackwurst. Because I love me some knackwurst. We ordered em all with pretzel buns, because when you have the option, you always pick pretzel bun.

I’ve also been craving these exact pretzel buns for probably six months, so imagine how happy I was to sink my teeth into one. I could eat pretzel buns for days.

The food was so so so good, and I really recommend this spot. I’ve actually never eaten in the upstairs restaurant (unless sitting at the bar chatting up a handsome bartender counts) so I think I’ll have to try that out next.

Hi Fam Jam

WURST Restaurant & Beer Hall | 2437 4th Street SW, Calgary, AB | 403-245-234

PS, I love cider


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