The past few days…

…I’ve been swamped with work and led a boring life.

Now that I (hopefully) have more free time during the day, I can post things this week…


64/365: Tomb Raider came out that day and I think my lack of productivity this week outside of work is due to this…
I BEAT IT ALREADY! It’s a fantastic game and I really recommend it.

65/365: Once a week I go out for Vietnamese food with my Dad. We get the same thing always, and we don’t even need to tell the wait staff what are orders are. The see us, and they know.

66/365: this gluten/dairy/egg/fun free diet I’m on has turned me into a hummus monster

67/365: my friends are weird.

68/365: Richard really wanted a facial…

69/365: busy bee, running errands


2 thoughts on “The past few days…

    • Thanks for checking out my blog and my love for tomb raider! That game was so great! I ended up beating the game in like two days because I was so excited about it. The graphics are unreal. Lara’s ponytail and how it swishes…top 5 best things about the game. :)

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