I’ll sleep when I’m dead.

Oh my lanta, has this week just flown by. I seriously feel like I’ve been knocked off my feet because I’ve been so busy. (WHAT DO YOU MEAN TOMORROW IS MONDAY?!)

Day 56 to 58 were pretty uninspiring and you can find those photos on my flickr account if you REALLY want to see what I did those three days.

On Thursday, my brother and I drove up to the farm to drop off some tables, and for the first time in a long time I didn’t drive. I kinda went snap happy, but here are some of my favourites from the drive.

(PS the praries are boring and road signs are as exciting as it comes)

I don’t know if I like the coloured version, or the black and white version more…thoughts?

and for my 365 project, day 59’s photo was of this beauty of a church.

Friday was my younger brother’s birthday and we went out for the night. The little’un learned real fast (an hour in) that pacing ourselves (and not taking every shot handed to you!!) is the best way to ensure your night is a success. Let’s just say he was in bed by midnight, and the next morning wasn’t so pleasant. He got this gem of a shirt though, and everyone around the table couldn’t stop giggling.

The rest of this weekend was spent in the gym (trampoline competition at our gym, hurrah!) and I may as well have slept there all weekend since we were there from eight in the morning, till eight at night.

(PS, 61/365: I got to go for a late dinner with my Ames on Friday. 62/365: Colton is the most attractive person I know)


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