Family Day


Family day was introduced in the early 90s and deemed as an important day for Albertans to take time to spend it with their families in hopes that it would emphasize family values. Annnnnd because we need a holiday every month in Alberta, I love you long weekends.

Anywhoodle, my family and I decided to go up to the farm for the day. And my mother decided to invite some of her friends.


But of course my mother doesn’t do anything small and ended up inviting 35 people. 50 people showed up, naturally.

By the time I showed up, the “small gathering” was in full swing, and not a seat was free in the house. I delegated myself as photographer for the day because well, if I didn’t do it, no one else would.

DSC_0027DSC_0109…which obviously went over well with everyone. Not.DSC_0131The only person who really wanted me to take their picture was this little one. Hi Ivy. She kept on walking in front of the camera just waiting for her close up, which was really cute, and reaaaaally funny.

Everybody brought a little bit of something, so we ended up having a huge feast full of Thai food. DSC_0052DSC_0033But I couldn’t tell you how good it was because all I kept on doing was shoving these deep fried fish cakes in my mouth. I have no shame.


After I polished off the entire plate of fish cakes (again, no shame), I coloured with the little’uns for a bit, and we head outside into the bitter cold to feed the horsies. DSC_0069DSC_0072DSC_0040DSC_0158DSC_0180 DSC_0171(my brother and I have a weird sense of humor). DSC_0203 sup beautiful.

I hope everyone who celebrated Family Day yesterday had a fantastic time, and to everyone else…I hope it was a happy Monday. :)


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