Of loss and love

I wonder what it feels like to have the ground ripped out from under your feet. I know it wouldn’t be a pleasant feeling, but lately I’ve gained a deeper understanding on how cruel life can be. Whispers of broken marriages, broken families, and parents never getting a chance to hold a new born baby; I swear to God that this past month, from every corner of my life, I’ve been greeted with absolute misery.

Sometimes I look up and shake my head at the sky, whispering “it’s not fair”, and hear nothing in return. The wind doesn’t give me an answer, nor do I expect one.

The only half hearted attempt that helps me comprehend what’s happening, are the words of Kurt Vonnegut in his novel Slaughterhouse-Five. “So it goes” he writes, 116 times. And he’s right, it does keep going; the Earth keeps spinning, and we keep moving forward. Taking steps forward one at a time, and sometimes taking a few steps back. We take steps until we get tired, the march of time wearing us down, and I guess at that point, someone else closes our eyes for us and gently whispers, “so it goes”.



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