Clean cup, move down!

I love tea, it’s a fact. If you come over to my house, there’s a really good chance that the kettle is boiling, and I’m going to shove a cuppa in your hand whether you like it or not. So of course when I heard that the lovely people who make up the Staff Meal crew in YEG were putting on a tea party, I couldn’t say no.




The meal was hosted at Cally’s Tea on Whyte, and the cutest of shop owners (Cally, herself) was running around handing out magnets to everyone as they started to sit down.

DSC_0082Ty looking dapper…

DSC_0084…until I mentioned it, and then this happened.

We started off with some tea from India I believe, and the first course was brought out.

cucumberClockwise: cucumber “ravioli” with feta & olive caviar, braised duck meat pie & negi tamago nigiri


Hi meat pie, you were delish.

montecristoNext was a soy cured beef monte cristo, and a spelt & potato crepe with smoked rainbow trout. (the crepe was the best!)

dessertDessert clockwise: cured egg yolk filled with passion fruit on dark chocolate bellini, German butter truffle tea pot de creme with malted lemon shortbread, Saskatoon pecan pie, honey rosemary biscuit with apple jelly, and profiteroles with white chocolate and fruit curd.




By the end of dessert, I think I tried 4 different teas: a Japanese green, a variation of Lady Grey, the Indian tea that I can’t quite remember (oops), and the loveliest African red rooibos that I would marry, if it was legal to do so. It was love at first taste.

After tea, we hopped, skipped, or in Ash’s case, slipped over to the consignment store next door for a quick peek.

DSC_0118Apparently fur hoods are all the rage here.


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