Cold Snaps

Today when I woke up, it felt 20 degrees warmer than it did yesterday. The sun was out, the sky was blue, I can handle -15°C no problem, I told myself. It’s like the weather mocked my mood and decided promptly that grey skies were going to be the forecast for the greater part of the day.

I started off heading to the orthodontist for a quick visit that I’ve been neglecting for the past…four years? Hi retainer!


With everything looking swell, I hopped, skipped, and jumped over to Starbucks next door for what I decided would be my morning salvation in a cup. (Just because I was up and moving, doesn’t actually mean I was awake).

After, I popped into work and was promptly whisked downtown to the government building, and then headed lunch at Pagolac. Nom nom, pho.


I also headed to a market in Chinatown for a quick grocery run. Considering the weather, the veggies looked so fresh and yummy.



I went back to work for a few hours, and was planning on dropping by the second hand store quickly, but then the weather looked like this…

So home I go, to sit under a big blanket with lots and lots of tea until gymnastics time.

PS, the picture of the starbucks cup is my picture of the day for the 365 photo challenge! 


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